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  FALL 2018
  Inside Italian Politics
September 3, 2018
  EU in Focus Series - Fall 2018
September 10- October 9, 2018
  EU in Focus | Introduction to EU Institutions and Decision-Making
September 10, 2018
  Atavistic Fear of the Other: Between Reality and Propaganda
September 13, 2018
  Tea with Poet Samira Negrouche
September 17, 2018
  Postcolonial Approaches to Feminism and Intersectionality
September 18, 2018
  F-Rated - A Dialogue with Holly Tarquini
September 18, 2018
  A Dialogue with Patrick Gaspard, President, Open Society Foundations
September 19, 2018
  The Moleskine Foundation: Can Creativity Change the World?
September 24, 2018
  EU in Focus | The History of European Integration and the Common Market
September 25, 2018
  Technology and Creativity
September 26, 2018
  Technology as Anthropology
October 1, 2018
  The Languages of Discrimination and Racism in Italy in the 20th Century
October 3, 2018
  Telling the Story of Italy’s Immigration through Film
October 8, 2018
  “I Don’t Pay Those Borders No Mind at All” - Audley E. Moore (‘Queen Mother Moore’), Grassroots Global Traveler and Activist Reframing Black Nationalist/Pan-Africanist Engagement
October 9, 2018
  A Dialogue with Donata Pizzi, Photographer and Collector
October 10, 2018
  Feminism and Intersectionality in the Arts
October 11, 2018
  Tea with Poet Yang Lian
October 17, 2018
  From Tuscany to Harlem: James Baldwin and Yoran Cazac´s Little Man, Little Man: A Story of Childhood
October 18, 2018
  A People’s History of Beyoncé: Stardom and "Standom" in the 21st Century
November 7, 2018
  Inside American Politics
November 12-13, 2018
  Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: Regional Implications and European Perspectives
November 20, 2018
  The Afterlife of Images
November 26, 2018
  Women World Leaders Conference (NYU Florence students only)
November 27-29, 2018
  Late Medieval City-States and the Origins of Modern Democracy
November 27, 2018
  Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World
November 29, 2018
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