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Ruolan Chen
NYU Florence Student Read More ...
Marta Fantechi
La Stanza dellŽAttore Read More ...
Seven - A Documentary Play
Ruolan Chen
NYU Florence Student

Ruolan is a freshman in Liberal Studies from Guangzhou, China, where she participates in many performances. She likes spending time in museums and discovering stories behind the artifacts, exploring new things and play performing. She is excited for the opportunity to dig deeper into feminism and the chance to tell Mu Sochua’s story.

Marta Fantechi
La Stanza dellŽAttore

Marta has always had a strong passion for Theatre and has attended the acting school "La Stanza DellŽAttore" for 4 years. Her past roles include: Monologhi della Vagina, Il Vaso di Pandora, Gioco di coppie, La Stanza del Signor G., and Omaggio a Giorgio Gaber. 

Eleonora Gemmi
La Stanza dellŽAttore

Eleonora is an anesthesiologist with a passion for theater working with a theater company called "I Menchi," which focuses on improvisational acting. She wrote the script for a short film called "End Game." She has attended "La Stanza DellŽAttore" for the past 5 years and participated in several of its productions.


André Holland
American Actor

André is an American Actor known for his role as Kevin in Moonlight, Andrew Young in Selma, and Matt Miller in American Horror Story. His upcoming projects, A Wrinkle in Time and Widows, are currently on post production. 


Matilda Mahne
NYU Florence Student

Matilda is a junior at the NYU Abu Dhabi campus and is currently completing a study-away semester at NYU Florence. Majoring in Social Research and Public Policy with minors in both Theater and Legal Studies, Matilda´s interests reach far and wide; singing, playing instruments, and splashing colours on a canvas.

Giovanni Micoli
La Stanza dellŽAttore

Giovanni studied acting in New York as an apprentice of actress Sondra Lee. Upon his return to Italy he was cast in various tv series such as la Squadra,Carabinieri. For years he has been collaborating with the Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer by making various videos that have won international awards and hosting charity evenings at the Teatro della Pergola.

Jacob Olesen
Actor, Director

Dual Danish/Swedish national Jacob Olesen has been acting in Italy and abroad for more than thirty years with the Donati&Olesen Company, in which he is actor, author, musician, and often director. His lengthy, distinguished artistic career began at The Commedia School in Sweden and continued in Paris at the L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Later, in Rome, he also acquired a teacher’s diploma in the Feldenkrais Method. In 1981, he founded the Donati&Olesen Company, for which he produced twenty different shows with artists Giorgio Donati, Ted Keijser, Giovanni Calò and Iaon Gunn. The most successful productions, including Buona notte brivido and Three Men in a Boat, have been performed over 2,500 times in Italy and abroad. In 2007, he began creating his own productions in parallel with the company work. The first was My Name is Bohumil, followed by Oibò sono morto, for which he was awarded the Teatro del Sacro prize in 2009. In 2014, produced by Enrico Carretta, he created with Giovanni Calò the monologue Primo, taken from Primo Levi’s If This is a Man, which he is presently touring and presenting in national and international festivals. With six languages at his command – Italian, English, French, German, Danish and Swedish – he has been able to perform throughout Europe and in North Africa, South America and Asia. He has appeared in many short and feature-length films and worked on numerous radio and television programs as well. He teaches acting, stage presence, Commedia dell’Arte and clowning both in Italy and abroad. Since 2011, with Jim Calder, he has collaborated with New York University in Florence, teaching, creating Commedia dell’Arte performances, and helping to stage productions with professional actors, graduates of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Bianca Waechter
NYU Florence Student

Bianca is in her third year at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, studying Acting at the Stella Adler Studio and Stonestreet Studio for Film. She is from Vienna, Austria and loves going to the opera, traveling, learning languages (especially Italian), theatre and film.

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