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Ellyn Toscano
Executive Director, New York University Florence and Founder and Director, La Pietra Dialogues Read More ...
Cheryl G. Healton
Dean of the College of Global Public Health, New York University Read More ...

Europe is experiencing a migration and refugee crisis unlike anything it has seen since World War II. Unlike most humanitarian crises, this is happening in a setting with universal access to health care, yet public health systems are nevertheless struggling to meet demand. NYU is bringing together academic, political, and operational humanitarian actors to review the current situation and evidence base to set policy guidelines about protecting and ensuring the wellbeing of refugee and migrant populations entering Europe. (NYU Florence students only)

The support extended by the​​ Global Research Initiatives, Office of the Provost

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10.00 Opening Session: Introduction of meeting objectives, participants and expected outcomes (E. Toscano, C. Healton)

10.15-11.30 Session 1: Political Overview
Overview of the nature of the conflict, the dimensions of the crisis and the state of play politically.
Dr. Apostolos Veizis, Director Medical Operational Support Unit (SOMA), Médecins Sans Frontières Greece (video-conference at 10.30am)
Matteo Dembech, WHO Consultant on Public Health Aspects of Migration in Europe

11.30-12.30pm Session 2: Rights Frame
Discussion of the framework of international, European and national law on asylum and migration, created by multinational treaties, national and customary law, which govern the creation and protection of the rights of migrants and the obligations of national and international organizations to protect those rights. This discussion will include jurisprudential developments and the identification of gaps in law and lapses in the enforcement and protection of rights.
Facilitator: Ellyn Toscano
Dr. Poonam Dhavan, Migration Health Programme Coordinator at the International Organization for Migration
Elizabeth Dettori, Senior Advisor to Deputy Executive Director of Programmes and Manager of the Deputy’s office, UNICEF

12:30-1.30 Lunch

1.30-3.30 Session 3: Country Studies
The IOM reports that 83,000 migrants have already arrived by sea this year and 400 people have lost their lives trying. The movement of refugees to and throughout Europe has reached crisis proportions, particularly acute along various points in migratory routes. European level responses have been slow and inadequate and national and regional governments are straining to respond to the needs of migrants reaching their jurisdictions. These panels will discuss the public health challenges faced by various countries, across the borders of which migrants continue to stream.
Facilitator: Dr. Cheryl Healton
Turkey / Greece
Dr. Melih Elçin, President, Turkish Medical Education Association; Professor, Hacettepe School of Medicine
Dr. Ahmet Içduygu, Dean of College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Koç University; Director, Migration Research Center (MiReKOC), Koç University
Dr. F. Deniz Mardin, Instructor, Koç University School of Medicine; Consultant, ‘Refugee Health Policy’, ICAP Columbia University
Rowan Cody, Regional RRM and Health Coordinator International Rescue Committee

3.30-3.45 Coffee break

3.45- 6.00 Session 4: Country Studies
Facilitator: Dr. Cheryl Healton
Sara Funaro, Deputy Mayor of Florence for Health and Welfare
Dr. Maria José Caldés Pinilla, Director, Toscana Center for Global Health
Rosario Maria Gianluca Valastro, President of the Italian Red Cross Sicily
Dr. Ana Requena-Méndez , Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Spain

6.00-6.15 Closing Remarks – Day 1

6.15-7.15 Visit of Villa La Pietra

7.15-9.15 Dinner at Villa La Pietra


10.00-12.30pm Session 5: Specific Health Needs in Context
Facilitator: Dr. Bernadette Boden-Albala
Dr Nathan Bertelsen, Assistant Professor, Koç University School of Medicine and NYU, primary care and mental health for migrants
Lauren Pesso, Program Director of the Human Rights Clinic, HealthRight International
Kate O’Donnell, Professor of Primary Care R&D, Glasgow University
Dr. Bill Stauffer, CDC Office of Migration and Quarantine, Refugee Unit, and University of Minnesota

12.30-1.30 Lunch

1.30-3.00 Session 6: Contributions of Universities to Understanding the Migrant Crisis
Facilitator: Dr. Bernadette Boden-Albala
Dr. Bill Stauffer, CDC Office of Migration and Quarantine, Refugee Unit , and University of Minnesota
Dr. Tania Dræbel, Professor, University of Copenhagen, School of Global Health
Siri Tellier, Professor, University of Copenhagen, School of Global Health
Dr. Neeraj Kaushal, Professor of Social Policy and Chair of the Doctoral Program at the Columbia University School of Social Work

3.00-3.15 Coffee break

3.15-5.00 Session 7: International Research Collaborations / Carrying it forward
Facilitator: Ellyn Toscano
Dr. Charles Agyemang, VP Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health, European Public Health Association collaboration among EU institutions and grants in Brussels.
Dr. Neeraj Kaushal, Professor of Social Policy and Chair of the Doctoral Program at the Columbia University School of Social Work
Dr. Tom Kirchner, Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health, Medicine, and Urban Science, NYU College of Global Public Health
Carlos Grijalva-Eternod, Researcher, University College London
Dr. Scott Sherman, Associate Professor of Population Health, Medicine and Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine; Co-Chief of the Section of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use; Associate Professor of Global Public Health, NYU

5.00-6.00 Conclusions and Discussion for Summary Statement
Ellyn Toscano, Executive Director, New York University Florence
Dr. Cheryl Healton, Dean of the College of Global Public Health (CGPH) at New York University (NYU)
Dr. Bernadette Boden-Albala, NYU College of Global Public Health Associate Dean of Research and Program Development and Professor of Global Public Health, Neurology and Dentistry

6.15–8.30 Cocktail reception at Villa Sassetti

With the support of NYU Provost´s Global Research Initiatives

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