Transforming Fashion (Student Dialogue)
date: May 2, 2017
location: Villa Sassetti

4:30-4:40 Introduction
Jordan Smith
, NYU Florence Student 

4:45-5:45 Panel 1: Gender and the Body: a panel of designers, stylists and scholars who will discuss the beginnings of gender construction in fashion from inspiration to the physical construction of garments and the future of gender in design and the expression of gender identity through fashion and style and how clothes can be a tool of personal activism.

Alessandro Trincone, Italian designer, genderbending in fashion
Christina Pacelli, Stylist for Laverne Cox
Enrie Scielzo: Model, first trans woman to run a fashion blog in Italy
RoyceMahawatte:  Professor, New York University

5:45-6:00 Break 

6:00-7:30 Panel 2: The Business of Gender: a panel of influencers in fashion business and marketing who will provide the business perspective of how gender is constructed in media, marketing and advertising campaigns and insight into how activism is shifting the market.

Saam Emme, CEO, Vejas
Silvia Tolaro, Researcher, Polimoda 

7:30-8:00 Concluding Discussion with all the panelists

8:00-9:00 Reception