AfroEuropa: Incontri Photography Exhibition and Lecture Series
date: March 4, 2010
location: Galleria Biagiotti

The stories of Africans in Europe are numerous, some similar, and others flavoured by particular struggles and rites of passage in specific sites. Some came here voluntarily, others through coercion; some arrived recently, while others have been rooted in European soil for generations. As Europe entered the 21st century, these transplanted subjects have begun to write themselves physically, economically, culturally and politically into Europe as Afro-Europeans. In the process, they have broadened and deepened the cross-cultural encounters that have made AfroEuropa a key part of Europe´s own history and culture.

The AfroEuropa: Incontri Photography Exhibition and Lecture Series will explore the complexity of these odysseys of resilience and community-building in environments desperate for African labor but cautious of the African presence, providing a transatlantic and historical perspective on the dynanics that have contributed to the construction of AfroEuropa.

On March 4 the curatorial team of the photography exhibition and contributed photographers will discuss their vision of the exhibition and the stories that are captured in the photographs. Each wil bring a unique point of view to the debate and offer new perspective on the African presence in Europe.

Curators: Awam Amkpa, Annalisa Butticci, Madala Hilaire. Curatorial consultants: Deb Willis, Marc Latame. Contributing Photographers: Marco Ambrosi, Francesco Cocco, Matteo Danesin, Anania Léki Dago, Juan Medina, Aldo Sodoma. Agency: Fotogramma.