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Photogallery Events
  Giving Peace a Chance: Introducing Peace Museums.
  U.S. Politics: Towards 2012
  Italian Politics Adesso! Spring 2015
  EU in Focus | Why Should the European Union be of Interest to Americans?
  EU in Focus | The History and Economy of the EU
  EU in Focus | The Judicial System at the EU Level
  EU in Focus | How the EU Government System Works
  EU in Focus Series | The End of Pax Americana and the Current State of Europe
  EU in Focus | The Evolving EU Government System
  EU in Focus Series | The EU Immigration Crisis
  EU in Focus Working Group | Trip to Brussels
  EU in Focus | How the EU Government System Works
  EU in Focus | The History of the European Integration and Common Market
  Europe’s Asylum System and its Crisis
  Civil Society Activism and Democracy: Risks and Promises
  The EU in Focus: EU on the Ground Working Group
  The EU in Focus Spring 2015: What is the EU? Why Does it Matter?
  The Constitutional Reform in Italy: Changes and Perspectives After the Election of the New President of the Republic
  Breakfast with Robert Shrum and Paul Begala
  Breakfast with Gordon Brown
  Obama Early Assessment Fall 2009
  U.S.Elections: What Happened? Why? And What's Next?
  Democracy and Dissent
  A Conversation with Jim Messina
  U.S. Elections 1960-2012: Looking Back - A Dialogue with Professor Robert Shrum
  The Italian General Election of 2013: Background and Perspectives by Professors Roberto D´Alimonte and Alessandro Chiaramonte
  Creative Metro Economies
  Italian Politics: The End of the Berlusconi Era? - Professors Roberto D’Alimonte and Alessandro Chiaramonte, NYU Florence
  Italian Politics Adesso!
  The EU in Focus: What is the EU? Why does it matter?
  Inside American Politics Fall 2014
  The Language of the Jews of Islam: The History of Judeo Arabic
  The Second International Town Hall on the Status of Women
  Progress and Imperatives: An International Town Hall on the Status of Women
  In Dialogue with Writers - Walking on the Bones of Shadows: The Experience of Writing the Book Prayers for the Stolen
  Islam and Integration in the City
  Black Italia 2015
  Cara Mamma, Sono in Africa. Camera, Soldiers, Empires
  Surviving Lampedusa and Moving North
  Filming the Mediterranean Crossing
  Fuori Campo - Film Screening and Discussion
  Film Screening of Belle with Misan Sagay
  Marginal Communities in Italy
  Diversity in Film Industry
  Surviving Lampedusa and Moving North
  Mare Nostrum, Mundus Noster | Our Sea, Our World: Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean and the Humanitarian Response
  “Cosas de Negros”: Afro-Latin@s in World Perspective
  Africa: See You, See Me photography exhibition
  The First Transatlantic Dialogue on Migration
  The Second Annual Transatlantic Dialogue on Immigration
  Complicated Ties: Immigration
  AfroEuropa Incontri Round Table
  AfroEuropa: Incontri
  Xenophobia:Creative Urban Responses
  Black Italia - Fall 2014
  Representing Race in Opera: A Dialogue with Emanuele Senici
  Inauguration of the Art Show Fratelli d´Italia
  #NYUFlorence4Expo | The History of World through a Tomato
  Mapping Contemporary Florence 2015
  Alone Together: A Florentine Photographer in New York
  Documentary Film as a Form of Social Activism
  The West and Global Muslim Communities-Connecting Through Culture
  Make No Loud Noise, an Artist Talk by Pato Herbert
  #NYUFlorence4EXPO The Politics of Pasta
  Contemporary Art in Florence
  Middle East Now Film Festival - Spring 2015
  Urban Sketching Florence - Nasser Alzayani
  Ethics, Culture & Law
  Auf Wiedersehen ´til We Meet Again
  Public Humanities
  The Contemporary Museum in Italy since 1990
  Contemporary Poetry and Publishing - Creating Global Connections (student dialogue)
  Art Talk by Lyle Ashton Harris
  Mapping Contemporary Florence
  Art + Feminism
  Muslim Women in Italy: Daughters of Migration
  Law and Society
  The New Role of Supreme Courts in the Political and Institutional Context: A Comparative Approach
  A Dialogue with Sandra Day O´Connor
  Human Rights, Justice, and State Building in Transitional Societies
  International Relations
  2011 Revolutions
  The Strategic Limits of ISIS
  Human Rights Challenges in Afghanistan
  The Arab Spring: Seeds of Justice? Reconciling Post-Revolutionary Tunisia and Egypt
  Cartooning in Malaysia: The Art of Protest
  Defending the Presumed Guilty: Being a Defence Lawyer Before the International Criminal Courts
  Women for Rights: The Role of Women´s Activism in Promoting Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Egypt - A Dialogue with Egyptian Activist Esraa Abdelfattah
  What Can We Learn from the Iranian Nuclear Crisis?
  A Dialogue with Romano Prodi
  Music as Torture in the United States´ War on Terror
  A Dialogue on U.S. - E.U. Relations and Common Foreign Policy Challenges
  The Arab Spring: One Year Later Series - A Dialogue
  Robert Springborg Lecture
  The Syrian Crisis: A New Geo Politics in the Middle East?
  Green Fashion: A Dialogue with James Ferragamo and Gel Egger Ceccarelli
  Climate Change: Change We Can Belive In, But What Can We do About It?
  Green is the New Black: Recycled Clothing Workshop
  #NYUFlorence4EXPO The Mafia in Food Chain
  Food & the Environment: A Transatlantic Divide?
  Capitalizing on Climate Change
  Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  Breakfast with Congressman Tom Petri
  The Future of the Humanities and Liberal Arts in the 21st Century Higher Education
  Student Forum: A Discussion on Differences in Higher Education
  Tabloid City: Fiction and Journalism
  Documentary Photography: Migration Through Images | Lost Generation
  Craft Talks on Journalism | The Interview: How to Get People to Tell You Everything You Want to Know
  The Refugee Trail
  Craft Takls on Journalism | The Stories We Tell
  Tea with Poets
  A Foreign Correspondent\'s Secret: How to See the Desert in a Grain of Sand
  Media Freedom Under Putin\'s Russia
  Art in a War Zone: Everyday Life in Syria
  Documentary Photography Through the Lens III
  In Dialogue with Writers - Escaping from Hyenas: From Eritrea to Lampedusa
  The Border Chronicles - How to Travel and Write a Column for Marie Claire
  Manipulating Reality: A Disconcerting Stroll Through the Mind of Mr. Toledano
  The Raw and the Cooked with Peter Bialobrzeski
  Mary(o) Poppins Monti: Just an Italian Fairy Tale?
  Reflections on the Current Crisis: Euro American Perspectives
  2013 Delegation Lecture Series: Finding your Way in Italian Business
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