Haley Kim ()

Haley Kim
NYU Student

Hometown: Fullerton, California, USA

University: New York University, Steinhardt

Major: Media, Culture & Communications

Class Year: 2015

Interests: Social Media, Television, Travel, Photography (photoblog:florentinafey.tumblr.com)

Biography: Hi my name is Haley and I’m a Korean-American born and raised in Southern California living in Florence, Italy! I’ve always known that I wanted to study abroad in Italy and being here has been such an amazing experience so far, I’m excited to see what the future holds.

What does "Dialogue" mean to you?

To me, dialogue is a meeting of the minds through an exchange of ideas, there’s always a give and take and I’m a firm believer in the idea that you learn something new every day.

As an American student, what has been your experience of the ongoing dialogue between Italian and American culture in Florence? Have you had any surprises?

Living outside the immediate radius of the Duomo, I am glad to say that I’ve had a exceptionally immersive experience thus far. Every day I have the opportunity to speak with locals and everyone has been so receptive; it’s fantastic.

Plans for the future: Besides graduating from NYU, I’m not yet sure what’s planned for my future. I’m open to trying anything and everything but most of all would love to spend some time traveling the world before settling into one career.






Villa La Pietra
Via Bolognese, 120
50139 Florence - Italy




+39 055 5007 557