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Students are an integral part of LPD, involved at every step of the way in the Dialogues’ development and realization. Students work with our communications team to create graphic design and communications materials for events and social media and outreach strategies; they cover Dialogues as photographers, videographers, and reporters; work on original projects like interviewing special guests, students at the University of Florence, or members of the wider Florentine community; and realize documentary film projects on current issues. Student leaders have organized Dialogues on the topics that matter to them most. Advanced Italian speakers work with a recent graduate of the University of Florence on LPD’s Italian Politics Daily blog, which features a daily press review in English of the political coverage of the main national Italian newspapers. The LPD social media and web platforms feature the best student work.

Ways for Students to Get Involved:

  • Join an organizational team and help plan and realize exciting events
  • Cover an event as a student journalist
  • Submit blog posts, artwork and photography for our website
  • Join our social media, graphic design and communications teams
  • Take advantage of research opportunities
  • And more!

LPD accepts student submissions of blog posts, photography and artwork for our website on a rolling basis. All NYU Florence students are invited to send material. Submissions can be sent to

NYU Florence students perform and present at the Spring 2016 All Campus Teach-In Race, Racism and Xenophobia in a Global Context  

NYU Florence students presented and performed at NYU Florence´s Spring 2016 All Campus Teach-In Race, Racism and Xenophobia in a Global Context at the Odeon Theater in Downtown Florence. Students introduced and moderated the panels the day of the Teach-In and managed a social media platform that allowed students in the audience to comment and ask questions through an interactive platform called Poll Everywhere. Students also made creative contributions throughout the day, sharing personal reflections as they introduced speakers, distributing the pin they designed, screening short films of students expressing their views on race, racism and xenophobia, performing song, dance, and spoken word, and constantly interacting with the student audience to give voice to those who wanted to join the discussion. Watch videos of the Teach In and scroll our photogallery.

Unexpected Opportunity for NYU Florence Stern Student Alex Deng  

Spring 2016 NYU Florence Stern student Alex Deng secured an internship this summer with Wamda Capital in the United Arab Emirates. Wamda Capital is one of the Middle East´s main venture capital firms, which supports early stage entrepreneurial initiatives across the Middle East and North Africa. It was founded by Fadi Ghandour, one of the Middle East´s most important businessmen and philanthropists, founder of the major transportation and shipping company Aramex, who visited NYU Florence this past Spring to talk about the community development work he supports through his non-profit community development organization Ruwwad. Alex introduced Mr. Ghandour at the Dialogue, and introduced himself to Mr. Ghandour during a break,  making the initial contact - and the rest is history! Congratulations Alex on turning an unexpected opportunity into an internship! We can´t wait to hear about it!

LPD Student Interns profiled on LPD´s Instagram  

Check out the profiles of some of the Spring 2016 LPD Interns on the LPD Instagram (and don´t forget to follow us!) 

My Year in Italian Politics By Caterina Dacey Ariani  

Read Caterina´s reflection on the year 2013-2014 in Italian politics.

Antonio Corrado, Jim Carter, Kayla Malone video documentary  

NYU Florence students Antonio Corrado, Jim Carter and Kayla Malone realized this series of interviews with University of Florence students on the question ´What do you think about the role of women in politics?´ Watch here

Hilary Lee´s interview with Professor Sergio Manghi - Fall 2013  

Check out NYU Florence freshman Hilary Lee´s interview with Professor Sergio Manghi after Fall 2013´s Together dialogue 

Kasey Stelter and Hilary Lee report on the End of the Berlusconi Era? dialogue  

Watch Hilary Lee and Kasey Stelter´s report on Professor Roberto D´Alimonte and Alessandro Chiaramonte´s talk The End of the Berlusconi Era?

Nicole D´Alessio on the Eunomia workshops-Building Democracy  

Nicole D´Alessio covered the Eunomia workshops on Building Democracy last week. Check out her summaries of the events on the Florence International Autumn School event page

A Note from the LPD Together student committee  

Throughout history, only the fearless and devoted have made a difference.

Now, it’s our turn! Rally up! Here’s your chance to discuss the most important problems of our generation and how we can work together to solve them.

On September 27th, four of the most prominent thinkers of our time, Edgar Morin, Alessandro Pizzorno, Richard Sennett, and Nadia Urbinati, will come together to discuss the crisis of contemporary society. In preparation for this event, LPD will hold a series of four working groups to give students an opportunity to come together and discuss the issues that most concern them, and to prepare themselves to engage in discussion with the speakers!

On Tuesday, September 17th, come and join your friends in an effort to make progress toward global peace, justice, and equality. The meeting will take place in Villa Sassetti at 6pm.

It’s up to us to make a change. We hope you’ll join us.

- LPD Together, a student committee

Chloe Coffman blogs about a Conversation with Jim Messina  

NYU Florence student Chloe Coffman blogs about the special student Q&A with Obama campaign manager and former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina, read Chloe´s post here.

US Politics coverage now on-line!  

Check out the articles written by our student journalism team - their report from inside the event here and profile pieces here.

´A Look at the U.S. Elections´ by Carmen Germaine published in The Florentine  

Read Carmen´s article at The Florentine.

Amanda Estevez report on the US Post Elections conference published this morning in Stamp Toscana!  

Read her article Examinging Polls. Engaging Voters, Enlightening Republicans.

Sahel Sra publishes an article on Eco Acupuncture in Washington Square News  

Congratulations to Sahel on the publication of her article ´Florence embraces historical prestige, offers modernity´ in the Washington Square News. Sahel was part of the Documenting Eco Acupuncture: Urban Interventions team. You can read the article here.

Sam Leff´s essay Inside the Xenophobia: Creative Urban Responses Dialogue is featured on our webpage  

LPD student Sam Leff has written an interesting account of the questions raised for him during the Xenophobia: Creative Urban Responses Dialogue. Check it out here!

Matt Schneider answers the question: Is Guy Fawkes a legitimate symbol of contemporary protest movements?  

Matt Schneider has carried out research this semester on the use of the Guy Fawkes mask by protesters around the world. Who was Guy Fawkes? And what does he represent? Is he a legitimate symbol of the protests? Matt found out more about the historic figure and analyzed how his image has been transformed and used in the contemporary context. Check out his conclusions here.

LPD Student Portfolio
Global Literature and Poetry: Looking Towards Technology as a Way to Represent the #Contemporary
This Spring NYU Florence GLS Junior Madison McCormick organized a
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Students with Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi (now Prime Minister of Italy)
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