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This Fall 2017 LPD will offer a number of Learning Internships for currently enrolled NYU Florence students.

The process for applying for internships in LPD has changed.

Students must apply through the NYU Florence Learning Internships process. More information can be found on the NYU Florence Learning Internships website

The deadline for applications for NYU Florence Learning Internships is Tuesday September 5 at 3:00PM

LPD provides a forum for the exploration of critical issues of contemporary society through engagement with some of the world’s most prominent experts, intellectuals, artists, and scholars at the unique place that is NYU Florence. Students have the opportunity to cultivate an international perspective on some of today’s most pressing issues and develop skills useful for their academic and budding professional careers like public speaking, public relations, research and writing, graphic design, communications, photography, videography, managing digital platforms, and event organization. All in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

Italian and English are the languages spoken in the office (knowledge of Italian is not required).

Qualified students will be invited for an interview.

Project areas include:


The coordination intern will help keep track of LPD student projects. The student will prepare an update on the previous week’s activities to be presented at the weekly LPD meeting and will prepare the upcoming week’s project list. The coordination intern will also take minutes at LPD meetings to circulate to the team, and will learn how to run a meeting.


The research intern will assist with small scale research projects on issues being addressed in current Dialogues, biographical and bibliographical research related to speakers, identifying potential speakers for future Dialogues, and issue based press reviews. The research intern will present short research briefs, write up short reports and occasionally blog posts or essays based on their research for the LPD website and social media platforms.


LPD writing and reporting interns will cover LPD events and write reports and articles for the LPD website and blog. This includes: factual summaries of events, ‘opinion pieces’, interviews with speakers, and other writing projects define during the course of the semester. The student will be required to produce one original writing piece (on a topic chosen by the student) over the course of the semester.

Social Media  

The social media intern will help design communications campaigns for LPD’s social media platforms related to LPD events. The student will assist in the management of LPD’s social media platforms and will work closely with other student teams on the creation of content including original tweets and blog posts and the selection of articles and information to be posted. The student will do research on different tools to improve student interactivity on LDP social media platforms.


The Website intern will help to manage the LPD website, including creating content, uploading content, and working with the LPD assistant on maintaining the technical infrastructure of the website and its integration with LPD’s social media platforms. The student will also participate in meetings regarding re-design of the LPD website and give input from student user point of view. 

Graphic Design  

The graphic design intern will help with the graphic design of communications materials for LPD, including: image research for LPD events and the LPD website and social media platforms and the realization of posters/flyers and other communications materials. The intern will learn about NYU graphic standards and the LPD visual identity. The graphic design intern will work closely with student photographers and videographers on projects related to the Dialogues.


The photography intern will be responsible for covering LPD events, collecting photography submissions from other student photographers and providing them to staff in an easily reviewable form, post production on photographs, and serving as student coordinator for and participating in photography selection meetings. The photography intern will be asked to carry out at least one original project related to a Dialogue over the course of the semester.


The videography intern will be responsible for covering LPD events, liaising with staff for set up, lighting and audio, helping with post production, providing video support for student projects and covering behind the scenes activities related to student involvement. The videography intern will carry out at least one original project related to a Dialogue over the course of the semester.

Post Production  

The post production intern will be responsible for post production on LPD photography and videography projects. The post production intern will be responsible for creating an end of the semester video using all of the contents produced over the course of the semester to be featured on the LPD website and at the end of year party. The post production intern will carry out at least one original project related to a Dialogue over the course of the semester.

Event Operations  

The event operations intern will assist with developing logistics and operations plans, assembling and leading an organizational team during LPD events, and providing general operations support for the planning and realization of LPD events.

Visit the LPD Student Portfolio to check out some of the great work LPD students have done in past semesters!  

The LPD Student Portfolio features the work of Spring and Fall 2014 NYU Florence students. Check it out to learn more and to get inspired! Visit here

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