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La Pietra Dialogues at NYU Florence provides a forum for the exploration of critical issues of contemporary society through engagement with some of the world’s most prominent experts, intellectuals, artists, and scholars at the unique place that is NYU Florence.

LPD is a laboratory where students can cultivate an international perspective on some of today’s most pressing issues, develop skills useful for their academic and budding professional careers, network with experts and scholars in a wide range of fields, and contribute their voice to the global conversation about what is going on in the world.

Learn more about the European Union this Fall in LPD´s EU in Focus series  

The European Union has the world´s largest GDP, the world´s third largest population, and is among the highest ranking in the world for health, education and living conditions. Through NYU Florence´s Fall 2018 EU in Focus series, students will learn about what the EU is, how it works and its role as an international actor. Students can also participate in a working group linked to the series and develop a deeper understanding of how EU policy-making works through the study of two specific policy areas: Immigration and the Eurozone. The series will culminate in a visit to Brussels to visit the European institutions on the ground and to meet with actors and experts to further deepen their understanding of the issues.

Interested students must attend the introductory meeting with Professor Nicolo Conti on September 10, 2018 at 6pm at Villa Sassetti. Students can apply to be part of the working group through by emailing briefly explaining why they would like to participate and how it would enhance their studies at NYU Florence.

For more information visit the EU in Focus page or write to the LPD Assistant Micol Visciano at​. 

Student work is featured throughout the LPD Website: Explore!  

In addition to having the opportunity to learn about contemporary global issues during their time at NYU Florence by attending Dialogues, students are encouraged to add their voices to the conversation. Students work with LPD as photographers, videographers, writers and reporters and produce work that is featured prominently throughout our website. Scroll through our Dialogues (in Calendar and Archive) check out a specific theme (in Dialogues), visit our Photogallery, and check out our blogs: the LPD Blog, Italian Politics Blog, and Mapping Contemporary Florence Blog. Here´s a special report on LPD students´ presentation at the Mayor of Florence´s Unity in Diversity Global Mayor´s Conference. If you scroll down you can watch our students talking about their experiences of global education and what it means to them. Also don´t miss the videos of student presentations and performances at the first Race, Racism and Xenophobia All Campus Teach-In in Florence(subsequent editions were held in New York and at the EU Parliament in Brussels. This Spring another exciting and thought-provoking program awaits !

Students Take Their Learning into their Own Hands by Organizing a Dialogue  

NYU Florence students are encouraged to propose an idea for a Dialogue on an issue that is important to them, and that they think the wider community can benefit from. Students can send ideas in an email to They will be invited to meet with the La Pietra Dialogues staff to follow up. Check out these fantastic Dialogues created by NYU Florence students in past semesters, and make sure to watch the interviews with Claudia and Madison in the video section where they talk about their experience: Claudia Cereceda on the Italian Refugee Crisis, Madison McCormick on Contemporary Poetry and Technology, Antonio Corrado on the issue of Race in Italian Sports, and Riley Hubby on the relationship between gender and language in Picking a Pronoun: Deconstructing Gendered Language.

See some of the fantastic work of past LPD students on the LPD Student Portfolio  

Check out the LPD Student Portfolio to see some of the terrific work of past LPD students (up to Spring 2015).

LPD Student Portfolio
Global Literature and Poetry: Looking Towards Technology as a Way to Represent the #Contemporary
This Spring NYU Florence GLS Junior Madison McCormick organized a
Read More ...
Students with Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi (now Prime Minister of Italy)
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